75 min, $265

The Rare Earth Facial has been designed to take your clients on an indulgent treatment journey towards the centre of the earth. Utilising our pure, kaolin aqueous gel mask consisting of hydrating minerals to support all skin types and conditions, the Rare Earth Facial treatment is sure to bring skins back to balance.

Those presenting with diffused redness, lipid-dry, acneic or mature skin will benefit from this clarifying and invigorating facial treatment. Our unique formulation of kaolin clay dispersed in an aqueous solution will support the lipid membrane integrity of the stratum corneum and stabilise trans-epidermal water loss.

60 min, $140

Just like fingerprints, every skin is unique.

The Skin Journey is the perfect introductory treatment and a step toward a flawless complexion …. your own individual natural kind of beautiful.
A Bespoke facial treatment with a focus on skin health, education and relaxation.

Immerse yourself in 60 minutes of skin bliss, where our pure highly active formulations are compound in clinic and customised to nurture your individual skin needs.

Femme Life

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