Wellness Retreat 



Wellness Retreat 



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Your soulful transformational healing journey
Renew your Mind Body & Soul

Your soulful transformational healing journey
Renew your Mind Body & Soul

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Femme Sanctuary in Melbourne Opening November 2023

What Women are Saying About FEMME SOUL Retreats.

What Women are Saying About FEMME SOUL Retreats.


holistic, affordaBle & luxurious

Awaken Your Senses in a Day of Bliss as you indulge in gentle movement, soothing vibrations, and calming energy. Embark on a sensory journey, starting with a refreshing cleansing. Engage in experiences that captivate your senses and guide you through mindfulness, self-reflection, and empowering intention. Your day unfolds as a tapestry of sensations, leaving you in a state of blissful rejuvenation.

Transform and Empower Yourself in Just One Day

Discover your radiance Awaken your soul

Engage in mindfulness Connect with uplifting vibrations

Your happiness our promise

Our transformative practices, inspired by the theme

"The Wise Woman Emerges,"

create a soulful and empowering experience that promotes relaxation, rejuvenation, and connection with your inner femme.

Bali Retreat

holistic travel RETREAT

Escape to paradise for a life-changing Bali Retreat and experience the transformative healing power of holistic wellness. Immerse yourself in 5 nights of mind-body-soul connection, and awaken your inner wisdom, empowering the wise woman within you to emerge. Our immersive workshops and daily practices are designed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and cultivate inner peace, leaving you feeling renewed and revitalised. Discover the benefits of holistic travel and prioritise your well-being with our Bali Retreat.

Transformational Healing Journey With Femme Soul

Embark on a transformative journey with Femme Soul, where we honor the divine lotus within each woman. 

Just like the captivating plant that rises with certainty under the light of the moon and stars, you too can live purposefully and confidently. 

Our nurturing and stimulating environment empowers you to expand and express yourself, just as the lotus pushes through the water with interconnectivity and beauty. 

Awaken to the possibilities and abundance that await you as we guide you on a journey towards productivity, fruitfulness, and purposefulness.


Want to know if this is for you

The FEMME soul retreats are
made for every woman

Empower You

Femme Shop Empower You

Experience a powerful awakening of the soul with Femme Soul’s transformative self-care products.

Designed to nourish and connect you with your feminine energy, our Femme Connection line features high-quality, sustainable ingredients that awaken your inner wisdom and ignite your divine spark.

Embrace the beauty and power of your femininity and prioritize your self-care routine with Femme Soul.

The Femme Soul Team

The Femme Soul team creates a safe and supportive space for women to explore their inner selves without judgement. Personal transformation coaches guide self-discovery and growth, while yoga sessions promote mindfulness and inner peace. The team is committed to fostering personal growth and empowerment and supports each participant on their unique journey. The retreat offers a transformative experience for women to connect with like-minded individuals and emerge feeling empowered.

What Wise Women are saying about
Femme Soul Retreats

What Wise Women are saying about Femme Soul Retreats

Femme Soul Inspirations

Sacred Belonging

We rise up together. What does this shift toward “we” mean for women’s wellness? It feels like grounding, safety, a solid foundation of love. The sense of belonging to a tribe to which we are returning.

Femme Connection

The feminine soul is innately intuitive, strong, and unique.

Empowered Soul

As women step into our wellness, achieve greater successes, and soften into our femininity, empowerment can be an elusive term.

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