Wellness Retreat+Spa

Regain your Confidence. Power. Love.
Calmness of the mind is the beautiful jewel of life.

The feminine soul is innately intuitive, strong, and unique.

Femme Soul is a women’s empowerment program in the heart of Australia that supports each woman on her journey toward liberation.

Femme Soul is a practice of releasing limitations, healing deep within, and cultivating wellness.

Surrounded by the medicine of Mother Nature and a community of like-hearted women…

Welcome to a holistic travel experience of deep relaxation, restoration, and activation of mind, body, and soul.
  • A woman who is approaching midlife, into midlife or beyond midlife.
  • A woman experiencing a big shift in her life, divorce, a sense of loss or is in a state of confusion
  • A woman who wants to find the meaning of life
  • A woman who is thriving and wants to level up
  • Wellness retreat to regain your confidence, power and love
  • Help you release your limitations
  • Heal your soul & Reset to the woman your becoming

This can be a very emotional journey for some and is intentionally designed to awaken your current state of being.

See diverse activities:

  • Local Natural Mineral Spa Bathing + Hot Springs
  • Yin Yoga
  • Sound Bath Healing
  • Therapeutic Chakra Movement
  • Cleansing Ceremony
  • Mindfulness Meditations & Chanting
  • Connect to Mother Earth walks
  • Abundance & Wisdom Sessions
  • Circles of Intention & Empowerment
  • Personal Coaching & Reiki session
  • Invigorating drumming practice


  • Deeper sense of creativity, clarity , direction, confidence, sense of self worth
  • Calmness of the mind
  • Positive change
  • New approach to Abundant living
  • Relaxation & grounding & spiritual connection
  • Re-discovering yourself

Femme Soul Retreat is not just a treat,
it is a birthright.

Femme Soul Retreat is not just a treat, it is a birthright.

A Sacred Pause

To be activated, we all need a pause. Time to stop doing. Just feel. Just be.

And from the Sacred Pause comes the Sacred Practice.

The practice of self-worth, self-love, and self-realization. It happens everyday with work, support, and guidance within a nurturing environment.

I know that this is life is happening for me…for us.

We are the Masters of our Faith and the Captains of our Soul.

This is Femme Soul

Step Into Your Wise Woman

The femme soul is a woman who bravely releases all obstacles of stress, fear, and burn-out in order to own the wisdom of her life and live her dreams with intention, ease, and abundance.

  • She connects with others to share authentically
  • She moves through fear and reclaims Abundance within
  • She nourishes body and mind with nutritious food, meditation, and self-care practices
  • She honors Sacred Pause in comfort and luxury
  • She releases and moves in joy to the tune of the ancient beating drum calling her

Whether you are moving through a big shift in your life or are just seeking to up-level where you are…If any part of you feels ready to challenge your beliefs and claim your worth, then THIS is your place and your time.

Femme Soul welcomes women seeking positive change, connection, and sense of self-worth.
Femme Soul is an art of living.

Wise Woman Retreat & Spa


October 7 – October 9, 2022
November 11 – November 13, 2022

A wild haven retreat nestled
in the Australian wilderness.


February 25 – March 1, 2023 (4 Nights)

Imagine a road winding through emerald rice fields leading to a place of calm surrounded by nothing but nature. On the slopes of the Tabanan mountains, a magical oasis of meditation, silence and health.

The Intention

To have a sacred, regular practice to come back
to and enhance your life.

To have a sacred, regular practice to come back to and enhance your life.

“Femme Soul Retreat & Spa is only the beginning of the journey.”
Femme Soul is a special environment to reset and cultivate imagination, create new beliefs, build dreams, and acknowledge your growth.

Femme Soul is so much more than a luxury retreat. It is an art of living. The learnings and gifts extend far beyond the retreat, opening up infinite results and lifestyle shifts. Breathe into newfound, profound calmness, creativity, and empowerment to live your truest, most beautifully expressed life.
It’s about being in the present moment and taking this presence into your future. Into your career, family, art, mission. It’s about living YOUR life! And integrating this experience into your world.

Femme Soul Life

Whether you join us for one retreat, or make Femme Soul a regular practice in your life, you will cultivate…

  • Deeper sense of creativity, confidence, sense of self
  • More present connections with your loved ones
  • Everyday self-care practices
  • Realization of your personal goals
  • Network of Femme Soul community
  • Continued environment of support and accountability in your practice
  • Calmness of the mind
Femme Soul is a luxury wellness lifestyle retreat and spa for women to align with their Divine self.

Femme Soul Inspirations

Sacred Belonging

We rise up together. What does this shift toward “we” mean for women’s wellness? It feels like grounding, safety, a solid foundation of love. The sense of belonging to a tribe to which we are returning.

Femme Connection

The feminine soul is innately intuitive, strong, and unique.

Empowered Soul

As women step into our wellness, achieve greater successes, and soften into our femininity, empowerment can be an elusive term.

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