Femme Sanctuary

By Diane Agars, Femme Soul

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As Wise Women, we inhabit many worlds. There’s our inner world…that present place in which you discover your emotions, feel where you are out of alignment, and shift into positivity that attracts abundance, love, and wellbeing. It’s a world that friends, partners, coaches certainly influence, but when you close your eyes, take a deep breath, and just feel…ultimately this inner world is your inner work.

What of the outer world? The world of our physical reality and connection to others.  The world of the home, work, the hang-out spot where you meet your girlfriends, the car that takes you where you need to be. The spaces in which you live your life. Are these spaces that encourage you to dream and take inspired action? To heal, spread your wings, and soar as if in a sanctuary?

Or do you feel confined as if in a bird in a cage? 

While your outer spaces aren’t really “who you are,” they certainly have an impact on “how you are.” How you awaken into your power, share your gifts with the world, and express your most authentic self. To fully step into this, we need safe, sacred spaces in Mother Nature. To fly free, we each need a Femme Sanctuary.

         Women have been building these throughout history. Biblical women built the Red Tent to gather and share love, sacred belonging, and higher purpose. Cave paintings from over 30,000 years ago suggest the presence of women’s spirit circles, and to this day women in traditional indigenous cultures understand the power of sacred feminine community. That is so much more than just a gathering and sharing of experiences. It’s an amplification portal to heal, laugh and cry together, share dreams, support one another in these dreams, and rise into our highest selves. 

Femme Sanctuary. Although nothing new, it is a radical choice in today’s world to come out of the “doing” of family life, work obligations, and daily routines and into a Sacred Pause. For those brave enough, this is a conscious choice to put on the pause button and flip the switch of feminine intuition, listening, and surrender. 

 Everyone should have a real home, a haven they can always go home to, inside and outside themselves. 

This is the Femme Soul reality. And what our Femme Soul Retreats are all about. A retreat is a quiet, secluded place where one can rest and restore. But a sanctuary is a sacred retreat where we feel loved, supported, and inspired by Nature, each other, and ourselves to blossom into our highest selves. When we create this outer world, we step through the portal to the inner world. And when this inner world is in alignment, anything is possible!

What would happen if you allowed yourself this reality? 

Reach out to us to ask us any questions and breathe into the possibility of your Femme Sanctuary

The power is yours.

For an introduction into Femme Sanctuary, follow our Home Practice below. 

Femme Sanctuary Home Practice

This practice is all about how the external environment affects the internal state of being. It is about taking care of the space around us to maximize intention, inspiration, and vibration. This can be done with any of our other home practices:

  • Sacred Belonging Visualization
  • Femme Connection Mantra Meditation
  • Empowered Soul Journaling 
  • Restorative Self-Healing Practice 

Which practice calls to you today, or maybe you have your own? 

CREATE the sanctuary for it. 

*You may practice solo or invite a friend or group to join you. If you choose to do this, be intentional that this isn’t a hang-out, but a conscious gathering of self-care. 

*Choose a time of day with minimal distractions. In the morning before turning on your phone, during the day when the kids are at school, or in the evening when things wind down. Whenever you choose, turn your phone off during practice. 

*Set the scene! Gather your favorite objects and place them around/in front of you. 

  • Candles or incense
  • Sunlight or dim light
  • Your favorite essential oil 
  • Special objects (stones, feathers, jewelry, artwork)
  • Houseplants or flowers (living beings are our friends!)
  • Soft, relaxing music that eases the mind
  • A soft cushion or yoga mat for sitting comfortably 
  • Water or tea 

*Once you have arranged any or all of these to your heart’s content, sage the space to clear any stagnant energy and create fresh energy. 

**This is not recommended if you have any respiratory conditions. 

*Begin your home practice with full presence and surrender. Notice how it feels to create this sanctuary for yourself and if it has any impact on your practice, your energy, and the rest of your day. 

What do you get from your Femme Soul Home Practice? They are here for YOU to ground into yourself and expand your potential. And we at Femme Soul are here to create the Femme Sanctuary for US to rise together. 

Are you ready for next-level awakening into your Femme Self in sacred community? For a deeply impactful new beginning to a soul-empowered way of life, explore our Femme Soul Retreats


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