Femme Connection

By Diane Agars, Femme Soul

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The feminine soul is innately intuitive, strong, and unique.

The Feminine is Intuitive. She says “yes” to what lights her up and “no” to what dims her shine — whether that’s what she eats, how she cares for her family, how she spends her time, who she spends it with, and how she lives her purpose. She listens to her heart and gut feeling and takes inspired action or sacred pause from this inner-knowing. 

The Feminine is Strong. She can move mountains with her will. She can give life, nurture that life, and create anything else she wants. She can withstand the most immense pain and rise above. At the same time, she can soften into vulnerability and open up her heart. She knows when to hold firm boundaries like Earth and when to flow like Water. 

The Feminine is Unique. No two souls are the same. Each is beautiful in its own way. Each has special gifts to offer to each soul with whom she crosses paths. 

YOU are intuitive, strong, and unique. 

And you are being called to connect with this intuition, strength, uniqueness — to activate your Femme Connection

Imagine a world of balance in our families, relationships, health, career and finances, and in whatever else we create in our lives. A world where we cross the bridge between winning, achieving goals, and acting from our minds AND honoring our feelings, taking breaths, and expressing our emotions fully.

To express the emotions, we must connect to the emotions. Femme Connection is the emotional capacity for ALL: anger, sadness, grief, joy, abundance, movement, stillness, compassion, strength, vulnerability, creativity, action, and receptivity. 

And the Femme Soul has the ability to hold them all at once. Not with “perfection” but rather patience and power. With calmness of the mind, the beautiful jewel of life. And with love of the heart, the beautiful jewel of the soul. The essence of Femme Connection is this Love. Trusting in yourself. Having compassion for yourself wherever you are. Forgiving yourself when you make mistakes. And Loving who you are.

When you make the choice to practice this Self-Love everyday, your intuition, strength, and uniqueness connect you to your health, happiness, and true wellness.

How are you loving yourself today? 

Follow the “Femme Connection Home Practice” below!

And explore the opportunity to cultivate Femme Connection in a supportive, wholly transformative environment at one of our upcoming Femme Soul Retreats

Femme Connection Home Practice

Mantra Meditation

Self-Love is work! It begins with the way we talk to ourselves. So we will practice what is called “Mantra Meditation.” Mantra is the Sanskrit term for a repeated phrase spoken during meditation with the intention of aligning with the words. Here we go!

  • First, come with a calm, clear, curious spirit. 
  • Set aside 10-30 minutes. To minimize distraction, begin in the morning before turning on your phone or in the evening after the kids go to bed. 
  • In a quiet, private space, find a comfortable seated position. Let your mind know you are coming into meditation and put any outside thoughts gently aside. Observe any mental chatter floating away like clouds in the sky. Bring your attention inward. 
  • Place one hand on your heart and one on your belly. With deep, soft breaths, imagine your hands light up. Feel Love radiating through your hands to your heart, body, mind, spirit. And Love radiating from your body and into your hands. Create a complete circle of breath, love, and light. 

*If this feels forced or a bit funny, thats ok! Don’t take it so seriously and just play with this! 

  • Focus and continue for a few minutes, or longer if you like, until you feel you have an overall feeling of Self-Love. 
  • From this clear, open space, allow a Mantra to enter your thoughts. Repeat this Mantra and connect it to the energy flow of your hands for the remainder of your meditation. 
  • After you are complete, write down what came up for you. And trust that whatever that was — resistance, indifference, joy, ecstasy — is totally perfect. 
  • Observe how this practice impacts the rest of your day. And however you choose to spend your Femme Connection practice, let it be with total presence, surrender, and most importantly Love. 

Mantra Inspiration

Here are some ideas for Mantras to get you inspired. Feel free to use these or create your own!

  • I love myself
  • I am enough
  • I am worthy of good things
  • Its okay for me to trust myself
  • I have everything it takes for me to get through this
  • I continue to learn and grow
  • I believe in myself
  • I am in the right place
  • I choose self-love
  • I choose me

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