Empowered Soul

By Diane Agars, Femme Soul

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Growing up we learned in school that history belongs to the victor, economy follows the laws of the market, and science is founded on reason and logic. We learned that…

Knowledge is Power 

Now, we are waking up to a very different kind of education. One where the wisdom is of ancient ways, the economic model is one of abundance, and our position is in the rhythms of nature. One where…

Or do you feel confined as if in a bird in a cage? 

As women step into our wellness, achieve greater successes, and soften into our femininity, empowerment can be an elusive term. So, what does it mean to be an Empowered Soul?

Does it mean having it all figured out? The perfect house, partner, kids and success? All while looking beautiful, staying calm, and waking up each day full of energy?

Well, it sure can! Let’s not toss aside this dream reality!

But it’s not about what you have nor feeling perfect all the time. An Empowered Soul is about believing in your dream and having compassion when you’re not quite there.

It’s about self-awareness. Know your natural cycles of rest and activation and how to work with them to strike balance and calmness of the mind. Know what dims your shine and what lights you up. Know your specific needs in your home, work, Femme Soul life. Ask that these needs be met.

And if you don’t know what these needs are, then ask yourself! Take a look around at the world you have built and recognize that you have created it. Do you like it? Do you want to change it? You have the POWER to recreate any part of it at any given moment!

For me it looked like being on the verge of 50, with my career, family life, and place in the world as a women’s empowerment coach seemingly in check, when I woke up one day totally off-balance. I just couldn’t shake this impending feeling that some former self was dying away and I was being asked to change, pause, recreate. I spent some time in the mud of grief and confusion. But fortunately, because I knew myself, because I was aware of myself… it didn’t take me long to ask for the help I needed and create something new.

I created a new reality, this Femme Soul that I am sharing with you, from a place of the Empowered Soul.

And I am more than grateful for it. For the challenges, pause, redirection, and victory. For the deep breaths in Nature, my dear friends and family, and the comforts of my home (yes, even in the never-ending Australian lockdown) that got me through. I am grateful for myself.

If Self-Awareness is Empowerment, then Gratitude is the Attitude.

It is the light that awakens an Empowered Soul.

When we are grateful for everything (and I mean everything) in our lives – the earth we inhabit, the money we have, the pain we face, the strength to move through, and the power to create anew – we activate our awareness, deepen our knowing, and empower our souls.

To activate gratitude and empowerment right now, follow this Femme Soul Home Practice.

And for a holistic, deep transformation into your Empowered Soul, ask yourself if the next Femme Soul Retreat is calling you.

Trifecta Journaling Home Practice

This is journaling practice that you can incorporate into the “Femme Soul” practice in our previous blog post. Journaling is the action of transforming our thoughts into a more material form, which gives them more manifestation power.

New to journaling? All you need is 

  • 5-10 minutes
  • a notebook
  • pen

Bring yourself into a calm, quiet space. You may even meditate before this practice to become a clear channel. 

The Trifecta involves three easy steps. Without too much thinking, write the first things that come to your mind. Pen to paper, you will write…

  1. “I am grateful for…”
  1. “My desire is…”
  1. “My intention is…”

Your list can be as short or long, as big or as small as you wish. 

Here, I will do it with you now as an example! 

  1. I am grateful for the sun shining through my window, my sense of humor, and the vision I have of my soul’s mission. 
  1. My desire is that every woman discovers her Empowered Soul.
  1. My intention today is to find balance between productivity and ease as I flow through my day. To share loving kindness with all with whom I cross paths. 

And so it is!

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